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Sudish World online test to practice for Competitive exams. Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Computer Questions will help you to prepare for Online Exam, Entrance and Interview. Learn and Practice online test and Prepare for your exam online tests and study materials with answers and explanation.


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Tips and Tricks to Crack Entrance Exams

New developments are forcing us to face the challenges of living in an extremely competitive and fast-moving world. Many students think that the process of preparing and cracking an entrance exam starts during school or college years. Follow the following tips for easly crack the exam...

1. Develop a habit of reading 2. Identify your key interest areas 3. Time management 4. Practice makes a man perfect 5. Prepare conceptual framework 6. Know your strength and weakness 7. Read the questions cautiously 7. Train your mind for the exam 8. Practice previous year papers 9. Use our cheat-sheet to revise formulas 10. Use method of elimination 11. Learn all the shortcuts 12. Stay Physically and Mentally Balanced 13. Practice, Practice, Practice.

Difference between online & offline

As the world I going digital, most of the educational institutes are now conducting exams with the digital platform because the traditional pen-paper method becomes lengthy for educational centers and boring for students.
Time and place condition : Online test software provides full freedom to conduct exam at any point of time. They can give the online test any place where they have the necessary equipment. Online test platform permits multiple users to share and modify exam content at the same time. While in the offline test platform, only one user can access the information individually at a time.
Result process : Online test software provides very fast result after the exam. The result is generated automatically after completion of the test. Students can see the result online on their screen. While offline computer-based test software provides a full solution and results in an analysis of the attempted test. The students also get detailed graphical reporting as well as comparative analysis.

Practice for best score in examination

There are typical ways of scoring good marks and it varies accordingly for different examinations. The competitive ones require a uniform combination of hard and smart work. This is the only way for achieving such heights. Follow the best scoring tips for practice.

1. Give yourself enough time to study 2. Organize your study space 3. Use flow charts and diagrams 4. Practice on old exams 5. Explain your answers to others 6. Organize study groups with friends 7. Take regular breaks 8. Plan your exam day 9. Drink plenty of water.